A few notes on find's exec

Published Jan 02, 2024

Did you know that many dynamic libraries (*.so) on your system are not actually binaries but rather ASCII files?

The hidden gems of moreutils

Published Dec 19, 2023

It seems no matter how long I work with the command line, every once in a while I find handy utilities I've never encountered before. Most people have heard about the bird coreutils, that's where utilities such as echo, cat, and others come from. But did you know about moreutils?

Writing shell scripts in Nushell

Published May 25, 2023

I don’t like Bash. It’s just too confusing. Do I need to use double brackets for this? Do I need to quote this? Am I still writing Bash or am I sprinkling in some bits of sh? I can never remember.

Understanding lock files in NPM 5

Published Jun 02, 2017

The next major version of NPM brings a number of improvements over the previous versions in terms of speed, security, and a bunch of other nifty things. What stands out from the user's perspective however is the new lock file. Actually lock files. More on that in a second. For the uninitiated, a package.json file describes the top level dependencies on other packages using semver.

The definitive guide to Arel, the SQL manager for Ruby

Published Jun 16, 2014

Arel is the kind of library that many of us Rails developers use on a daily basis and might not even know about it. So what's this library whose name only pops up when everything else fails all about?

Replacing Make with Ninja

Published Mar 16, 2014

Make and all of its flavours have been here for almost 40 years and it's a tool hard to beat for many things. There are however cases when you do not need the power of Make and are willing to trade the flexibility for something else. In case of Ninja, for its speed.